B has always loved airplanes! He loves riding on airplanes and peering out the window.

Havin’ been born overseas, he had a passport before he was able to walk!

Before he was one, he’d been to several countries, most dream of in their lifetime; Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium & the UK. In addition to states from Hawaii to Pennsylvania.

Like most families, we’ve had a few experiences that left us grabbling with why did we even try flying. Maybe driving is a better idea, where we have more control of our environment or better yet, should we simply stay home?

Tips from friends, fellow passengers along the way and a bit of research we’ve created a handy travel pdf.

Each suggestion builds upon the other and when each is implemented fully, it creates a more relaxed experience.

While booking the flight, the airlines often allow an opportunity to flag your loved one’s status as differently abled or similar. If not, a quick call to the airline to adjust and explain is easy too.

The TSA Passenger Support Services is an amazing program. It’s made a difference in our travels coast to coast. We recommend calling to arrange accommodations the same time the flight is booked. Then following up via email. Always be sure to give your cell number where you can be reached at the airport or en route. We hope you’ll find Passenger Support Services helpful too!

For B, whenever we went somewhere it was very important to create a picture social story.

It told the story of when we were leaving, how we were getting there and what we’d be doing. Learn from my mistake and make sure, if one parent is going on the trip, to include in the social story when he would be seeing the other parent.

Oh boy, that caused a whole other hiccup that I wasn’t expecting and more calls to therapists during summer break. We came up with a plan to implement a countdown and he heard daddy’s voice daily until the return. #Alwaysanadventure #alwayslearning

In the carry- on, we recommend the GPS tracker & wireless headphones .. because, on one trip, the cord got caught between the seats in front of us and pulling wasn’t the right answer and then we were buying headphones in the airport, wireless headphones relieve all that mess!

Pack an empty reusable leakproof water bottle. We prefer Hydro Flask. It keeps water cold and with the Leak Proof Flex Cap, water doesn’t end up everywhere. Then get an additional lid, wide mouth straw lid. Nothing is worse than a leaky water bottle.

Portable Charger

Charge Cords


Extra change of clothes

& Individually Wrapped Ear Plugs to offer your fellow passengers in the event it gets a little loud. This tip was given to us long ago by a frequent business traveler who had small children. A bit of kindness that goes a long way!

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