Do you have a hard time figuring out what direction to turn when your child gets an autism diagnosis?

I know we did. We’d landed in a new town, didn’t know anyone. The internet wasn’t in full swing, as it is now.
For us, the diagnosis was a relief because we knew something was at the root of all the challenges we’d been experiencing and we just wanted to know what was going on.
Does everyone have a different response to it?  What was yours?  Do you remember the date you found out?
It is overwhelming, isn’t it?  Sending a big virtual hug to you!
There’s a poem, we found comforting. It was about visiting a different country than the one you thought you were going to visit. All the attractions were different from what was planned. Some really like the poem and others do not like it at all.
We found comfort in it. How ’bout you?
The people that we’ve met along the way. The therapists that have come into our lives when we needed it most; the strength, courage & hope they gave to us on this journey. We will never forget.
Truly, our ohana. There aren’t words.
We are very thankful for each and everyone who has appeared in our lives.
Mahalo! A Hui ‘Hou!